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Joe Bloom

You’re visiting the blog and main portal of passions of Joe Bloom, an advocate of all things wellbeing, mindfulness and minimalism for modern life.

Joe has been writing and participating in these areas of interest since 2015, constantly willing to share his personal stories of mental health, happiness, debt, relationships, consumerism, ethical living and more through this blog as well as working with charities that hope to bring about societal change in these areas such as CALM and the Money & Mental Health Policy Institute.

In his early twenties, Joe faced an existential crisis of anxiety and depression that set him upon a journey of self-improvement and mental strengthening. This same passion for knowledge of the mind drives him today into his efforts for helping others understand their own mind, their mental health, and their ability for self-care and wellbeing practices.

He finds inspiration on all these topics from professors of evidence-based research, practitioners of health and modern philosophers of the internet alike, such as Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Dan Harris, Andy Puddicombe, David Cancel, Wim Hof, Kit Laughlin, Rafe Kelley, Elliot Hulse, and many more of various professions.

Joe shares ideas of all of the above through his newsletter, Twitter, and podcast.

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