The podcasts that made me

The title for this article is a bit of a stretch, but it sounded catchy. Nevertheless, this article is about the podcasts that I get a lot of value from and closely relate to my own beliefs, passions, humour and motivations for life.

Here’s a fairly exhaustive list of a selection of the podcasts that I’ve been listening to ever since podcasts began, and is a wide array everywhere from comedy to self improvement, mindfulness and meaning.

I listen to plenty more podcasts, too, but am constantly swapping and removing those which I don’t find any more value in, but with these below I remain a constant subscriber or fan.

My favourite podcasts

  • Akimbo
    • The marketing and business genius of Seth Godin, explaining how the world works through meaning and culture
  • Athletico Mince
    • Comedy gold every single episode from the eccentric mind of Bob Mortimer and his pal Andy Dawson. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and that’s the joy of it
  • Invisible Office Hours
    • Two of my favourite internet entrepeneurial role models, Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis, talk about life and online business
  • Sanctus Podcast on Mental Health
    • Real honest talk about mental health.
  • Seeking Wisdom
    • CEO and head of marketing at Drift drop knowledge bombs about marketing and momentum in the business lane
  • Smart Passive Income Podcast
    • Pat Flynn helps solopreneurs build their own business and generate passive income to live a life fit for them
  • Sunday Dispatches (no longer available, but his newsletters are)
    • Paul Jarvis’ articles in audio form every Sunday, with short life lessons about doing creative work in online commerce
  • The Adam Buxton Podcast
    • Genuinely one of my favourite interviewers, Adam Buxton of the Adam & Joe Show of yesteryear holds heartfelt and straight talking interviews with some of the most interesting people in entertainment
  • The Anxiety Guru Show
    • Through my own anxiety battles in the past this podcast truly helped me through some of the roughest times, teaching me how to find normality in a totally frazzled mind
  • The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast
    • If you care about the privacy and security of your data, then these are the guys to listen to.
  • The Financial Wellbeing Podcast
    • “Work out what you want from life, then spend your money on that” is a key phrase they often say alongwith advice about money and wellbeing in the modern society
  • The Gaffer Tapes
    • The podcast where I get my fix for fantasy football and a big dose of random ridiculous banter and meaningless quizzes
  • The Ground Up Show
    • Matt D’Avella talks to inspiring people at the height of their game about how they got to where they are.
  • The Minimalists Podcast
    • A constant dose of meaningful thought and logical living in a frantic world obsessed with consumerism
  • The Ricky Gervais Show & XFM Shows
    • Pretty much where my podcasting membership began, one of the pioneers of the medium and one of the most hilarious things my ears will likely ever hear. Head like a shaven monkey…
  • Triforce
    • Three gaming YouTuber’s chat gaming and random funny stuff that’s going on in the world of nerd.

You’ll notice most of these links go to the Overcast page. I love using the Overcast app to listen to podcasts, it’s the most feature rich yet minimally useful app of its kind out there, so I highly recommend it.

But, of course, you can always find all the above on iTunes or anywhere else you get your audio fix.

Have a podcast to recommend? Let me know on twitter.